Well done! You’ve accomplished a significant milestone with your first project!

Let’s take a moment to celebrate what we’ve achieved and outline our next steps.

Firstly, we obtained our API key using the create a project endpoint. This key is now included in every subsequent request, ensuring smooth communication with the API.

Next, we breathed life into your inaugural contract. We followed three crucial steps: create a contract, create a token type, and deploy a contract. Remember these steps; they form the foundation for generating any contract within the API.

Then, we established your first wallet effortlessly using the create a wallet endpoint. Simple, right?

Lastly, but certainly not least, we minted your inaugural token with the mint a token endpoint. Cherish this first token with care!

Looking ahead, you have two exciting options. Delve into our recipes to discover more possibilities with Lumx Protocol, and seamlessly integrate them into your own application Alternatively, You can opt for our boilerplate using our CLI to swiftly create a pre-built application.