Our Transactions module is designed to optimize the execution and management of blockchain transactions. We abstract the intricacies of blockchain transaction processes, no matter if you’re supporting one thousand or one million transactions. Developers can send transactions with resilience and reliability in mind, ensuring guaranteed idempotency and extremely high throughput.

Below are the key features of the Transaction Module.

Transaction Broadcasting

Our Transaction Module ensures smooth and reliable broadcasting of transactions to the blockchain network. It guarantees that transactions are delivered promptly to the appropriate blockchain nodes, enhancing the likelihood of successful transaction confirmation with superior throughput.

Queue Handling

To efficiently manage high volumes of transactions, our module includes sophisticated queue-handling capabilities, which is essential for maintaining high transaction throughput and operational efficiency, especially during periods of network congestion.

Gas Optimization

Gas costs can significantly affect the usability and cost-efficiency of blockchain transactions. Our infrastructure addresses this with a dynamic gas optimization feature. This proactive approach ensures that our clients do not overpay for gas, optimizing transaction costs while still achieving timely confirmations.

Nonce Conflict Handling

Correct nonce management is vital for the sequential processing of transactions. We automatically manage nonce values, resolving potential conflicts that might occur due to transaction replays or out-of-order submissions.


This feature is currently on beta. For more information, check the latest news in our community.

Our Transactions module supports Webhooks to help developers keep their applications in sync and automate their workflows, creating a seamless and highly customizable operation. Webhooks allow you to listen to events happening in your Lumx environment and enable applications to automatically receive information about those events.

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